Service Projects

2019-09-25_13-00-33_-_Phi_Pi_2019-2020_Chapter_Service_Campaign.jpgFounder's Day Service Project:
Founders Day, celebrated on October 5th each year, honors our 6 nurse founders their philanthropic spirit. Phi Pi has embarked on a service project just in time for Founders Day 2019. Phi Pi's service initiative "Agua Phi Pi" promotes access to clean water worldwide. This service activity will support clean drinking water for children in third word countries.

For Founders Day, Phi Pi Sigma encourage 90 minutes of service through volunteer work but as busy students, professionals and family members, that is not always possible. Therefore Phi Pi encourages you to put your dollars to service donate to our Phi Pi Service Campaign. For the next 90 days, our chapter will strive to raise $1000 for

Phi Pi challenges every member to make a $10 donation for the "Agua Phi Pi" International Service Campaign at: "Phi Pi 2019-2020 Chapter Service Campaign"

Phi Pi is blessed, let's 'pay it forward' as a Chapter!