Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships and Grants

Sister Marie Lee Membership Chapter Subsidy
For members unable to pay for induction or chapter dues that have been denied at the International level. Phi Pi pays 75% of the membership dues for new inductees experiencing financial difficulties. The inductee pays 25%. 

Phi Pi Cares Award
As we face uncertain times many of Phi Pi’s members have the added stress of finances do to unforeseen furloughs and layoffs. We are increasingly concerned with how we will buy groceries, pay for family needs, how to cover utilities, or even how we can purchase needed items to school our children at home. These concerns are shared by all of Phi Pi. In response to the Novel COVID-19 Pandemic, the Phi Pi chapter has created the Phi Pi Cares Fund.

If you are experiencing added financial difficulties, please let us know by completing the form below. The Phi Pi Chapter recognizes that during these times members need assistance in meeting financial obligations. Your application will be reviewed by a committee of Board members for a stipend from your Phi Pi community.